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One of the most challenging questions that we get frequently is “What are all the services that Velocity provides?” That is a difficult question for us to answer. We cover such a huge range of products and services that it is difficult to give you a comprehensive list.

By partnering up with some of the leading technology firms in the industry, we are exposed to some of the most amazing things you’ll be seeing in a few years,  to things that you can get right now.

We’ve listed below a few of some of the other services we offer and are able to provide for our clients. If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see or possibly if there is a solution to a problem you might be having, let us know, we’ll see if we can help.

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Our Other Services


Need to have your servers placed in a secured, controlled data center? 24/7 access with management options available.

Physical Security

CCTV is not just for security any more. The data your systems can collect can give you insight and analytics that will give you the edge.

Digital Signage

A printed sign serves one purpose, a digital sign can do so much more. It can greet, present, inform and alert. See what solutions are for you.

Structured Cabling

The ability for your devices to connect sometimes requires the most secure and reliable technology today. Having it done effectively is key.

Access Control

The ability to have people kept out of secure areas is essential for many businesses. Do you have a cost effective solution best for your company?

Mobile Solutions

How do you best manage your mobile devices? Are you getting the best rate and are you able to know how your telephony dollar is being spent? We can help.

Text Broadcasting

How do you effectively reach hundreds or thousands of people with a near 98% open rate? Text messages are the best way, your solution needs to be amazing, ours is.


The short of it is, we can give you a reliable, quality telecom and app traffic shaping service that uses the commodity internet to your advantage. Let’s chat!

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