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Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Integration is a broad field. We cover many aspects that continually change. Every day new products and services are given to us that can help or hinder your business. Our job is to help filter out the noise and give you what you really need.

General Questions

What is it that you do?

It’s hard to put Velocity in a “box”. Our portfolio of products and services goes beyond a simple answer…. but we’ll do our best here.

What is a Technology Integrator?

Technology Integration sounds pretty straightforward, right? But you already know that technology devices (smart phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more) are now able to connect to everything from your CRM to your logistics to your supply chain. This continuous connectivity has increased the amount of information available to you, changed infrastructure needs, and necessitated creating a strategy to use it all. And, well…. that’s not so simple.

Through our network of global practitioners, we help clients’ IT organizations solve business challenges through the integration of technology – as discrete services or comprehensive solutions.

We offer both advisory and implementation services to help clients better manage their technology organizations and portfolio of technology assets. Our teams take an intense industry focus and work with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through applied innovation – backed by worldwide resources and full-spectrum delivery.

Information Management Services

Velocity can provide the Information Management (IM) solutions companies need to address key business challenges by unlocking the value buried deep in their data. We assist clients in designing, developing, and implementing technology and processes to enable efficient information capture, archival, analysis and distribution. Our practice helps to get the right information to the right people at the right time by turning mountains of data into valuable insight.

Our Information Development and Management offerings include:

Groups assessement, planing, designs, implementation, and deployment of technical architecture, network, and telecommunications services to solve the toughest IT problems for our clients. We provide prepackaged solutions in support of IT optimization, to integrate business strategy and requirements with technology-based solutions to deliver increased value to our clients.

The Systems Integration practices of Velocity help our clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. We build and tailor applications to fit the needs of your business. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated “whole company” perspective to every project.

What kind of Telecom services can you provide?

Our experience in telecommunications runs deep. We’ve been involved in telecom since the 80’s working with the largest telco carriers, and manufacturers in the industy. 

If you need a simple Plain Old Telephone Service line or have complex architecture that you’re looking to implement we can handle it. 

Oh, and by the way if you’re wondering if a small firm like ours can actually give you a price and technology advantage, you bet we can. We learned a long time ago that one telecom company simply cannot give a company everything, much less the best solution. Our firm can because we know the capabilities of over 200 players in the industry and know their limitations (which they will never share with you). We also pit the companies against each other and can get you a better price than if you did it alone. Yes, for sure – we can help you.

Can you help me by managing my IT needs?

We can provide you with a Managed Service Provider solution that works best for your business. If your needs are simple and have a need for assitance on ocassion or if you need deep, multi-tiered solutions with strategic planning, we can get you what you need.

Is Artificial Intelligence really something my company can use?

In a word, absolutely. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making huge strides each and every day. Companies that have a forward vision of having some form of it integrated into their business are benefiting from increased customer interaction, reallocation of human workers to more effective areas, and reduction of costs. These are some of the initial benefits they’re experiencing.  Companies that don’t look to the future  will see that their competitors are miles ahead of them.

What security services can you offer my company?

Security when we talk about it from a technological sense has a few meanings. Cybersecurity, viruses, firewalls, penetration testing, access control, security protocols, badges, CCTV all come to mind, and all are services areas we can help. 

Additionally, did you know that using technology we can help you beyond simply security? Did you know that we can create analytics to show you traffic patterns in a place of business can help you make more sales? Or if your cybersecurity plans were adequate last year, how changes to policies have suddenly made you vulnerable? Velocity can give you the tools, but more importantly, we show you how to use them.

Can you help me with Digital Signage?

Yes. From a simple one monitor setup, to the most complex information relaying service platform, we can help design, implement and maintain your signage platform. We can also help you with crafting messages and make them look amazing too!

Can you help me with something I can't find a solution for?

Possibly. We help companies with customized solutions every day. Additionally, it might be that a solution exists for your problem, but we can find that solution for you.

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