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We all have to start somewhere and our story originates in Telecom. We work with companies that have needs that range from the vast and extremely complicated to the straight and simple phone line. Where our advantage lies in giving you two things no one telecom company can give you.  The ability to find the correct technology that fits your needs and two, the ability to have your vendors reduce your costs because we can get you better pricing than they will ever reveal to you.

  • We have over 200 vendors to select from
  • We have your providers propose their best service fit for you
  • We verify that their product and services fit with requirements
  • We negotiate the best pricing available
  • We take care of the contracts, installation and ongoing activity

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“We get really excited when it comes to telecom. Personally, I’ve worked for some of the largest and smaller telecommunications companies in the world. There is so many ways to get the best service, reduced costs and most companies don’t know how. I promise you that we can help you like no other company – period.”

Benny Carreon

Managing Partner