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Using a cloud model for unified communications and collaboration,
Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS — organizations can dramatically lower costs, reduce interface complexity, improve end-user productivity and overall customer experience. Forward thinking IT and business leaders, present-day communications and collaboration have already starting using different parts of their business functionality in the cloud already.
The outlook is moving toward an even more tightly integrated and ubiquitous cloud-based workplace.

A significant change in how we work is currently underway and it’s affecting all aspects of how organizations view collaboration and communication. The use of unified communications with more tightly integrated web/video-conferencing and collaborative work technologies, a new digital workplace has emerged. At the same time, the era of having to allocate a huge capital outlay for on-premises PBX and video-conferencing systems is fading, giving way to cloud-based models that are more cost-effective, accessible and worker-friendly. Solutions that used to be the reserve of huge organizations, are now available for businesses of virtually any size. These new cloud-based models leverage network software and broadband connectivity to reshape how small business to large enterprises work and conduct business today; a pattern that will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. This move into the cloud explains why sales of traditional premises-based telephony and video-conferencing systems are on a steady decline. All manner of technologies and related tools are moving off-premises and into the cloud, where customers take advantage of low installation and maintenance costs, as well as a subscription payment model.

By taking advantage of several changes in the corporate environments today, UCaaS makes more an more sense.

Workers are finding themselves more likely to work away from the office, which means, you will find them working from home, on the road, a local coffee shop or wherever else they might use their smartphones, tablets or laptop PCs. Workers in every industry want to stay connected no matter which device they pick up at any given moment. Also, workplaces and their applications are now always-on 24/7 and now more than ever – global. Workers need tools that support easy, fast, secure and effective collaboration wherever they might be, on whatever device they happen to be near.

Technology marches on. Legacy PBX (private branch exchange) and video-conferencing systems are expensive to purchase and maintain, and overly complicated to operate. In contrast, innovative cloud-based solutions built around software-defined technology have transformed most every aspect of enterprise computing. The cloud provides a great deal of simplicity and accessibility and yet is more cost-efficient as well. As such, these technically sophisticated yet easy-to-use cloud-based solutions align much better with today’s workforce and companies.

CAPEX to OPEX Cloud-based, SaaS solutions may be purchased on-demand, anywhere or anytime they are needed. There is no up-front purchase cycle or formal budget to allocate and they provide predictable costs based on usage. Interested buyers can trade complex below-the-line Capital Expenditure outlays, with their ongoing amortization and depreciation schedules, against recurring and well-defined operating expenses instead.
In particular, pay-as-you-go, as-a-service solutions make costs not just more transparent, but more affordable and attainable, as well.

A younger, mobile workforce, technological advances and a demand for a more cost-effective communications solutions with predictable expenses and greater control are driving the move to the cloud. UCaaS can improve your organization’s productivity, drive innovation and help you stay ahead of the competition. But choosing a network partner that can meet your needs, today and tomorrow, is critical to ongoing success.